On May 3rd at 6pm to commemorate Polish Constitution Day we invite you to The Club for coffee, and Jessie’s famous placek drożdżowy (yeast cake). Margaret will present the history of our Constitution.

Aby uczcić rocznicę Konstytucji 3 Maja zapraszamy wszystkich w środę o godzinie 18tej na kawę i placek drożdżowy od Czesi, a Margaret przypomni nam historię powstania Konstytucji.

Constitution Day in Poland celebrates the Polish Constitution which was signed on 3 May 1791. The monumental constitution changed the political system in Poland by separating judicial, legislative and executive branches of power. This separation of power created a modern democratic country, the first one of its kind in Europe, and also changed the ruling system from a Parliamentary Monarchy to a Constitutional Monarchy. 

Constitution Day is celebrated annually on 3 May. Today, the day serves as a reminder of the unity and courage behind the 1791 Constitution. The day was not officially celebrated for any length of time until 1989 when Poland was finally free from nearly two centuries of foreign occupation.